Speeding in Naturns/Naturno

Yet another test, I took my new GoPro camera out for another long(ish) bike ride, down the valley to Naturno, this movie is part of the return leg, shot with standard video (r4) 4:3 (960p @ 30 fps) by mistake as I thought I'd set it for timelapse (P5) 1 shot every 5 seconds. Oh well. I sped it up using After Effects as I did the last time.

As with the previous tests I was using the GoPro chest strap to which I have added foam padding to in order to lift the angle of view to include the horizon more.
This time I got the balance right.
I still have to try mounting the camera and J-hook (adapter) upside down allowing adjustment in the opposite direction rather than this rather crude way I've done it.

[ UPDATE 2017 - this chest strap design has been superceded by a better product ]

So I'm set for Saturday and the Stelvio Bike 2010, the annual bike ride to the Stelvio Pass (2760m), the second highest in the Alps. That is if the storm, that is now upon us, has cleared away by then.

Cycling the Stelvio Pass

The road is traffic-free for the day, 48 hairpins, 25kms rising in altitude of approximately 1840 m.

I've done it a few times before by bike (and once in a 20 yr old camper) but not with a camera like this GoPro!

[ UPDATE 2017 - note that the GoPro model I was using was from 2010 and has since been replaced ]


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