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Avoiding copyright issues

So many people search for images using their favourite search engine browser. They may well be looking for inspiration or websites with content relative to the images they find. Many are actively searching for images to use in their own projects. Whilst this is a valid and legal way to find images, actually using them without the owner's permission infringes copyright and they risk prosecution.
It used to be an expensive exercise to buy licenses to use images, but in recent years the individual costs for an image can be very low, using many of the large stock agency websites like Alamy. Too low according to some of the photographers who supply the images to these agency websites. Costs are further reduced when buying larger quantities, or offers which they run from time to time.
So now one has no excuse to break the law by downloading and using any image you want from the internet. In most cases the image you want will be available to purchase at a low cost.

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